Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Go-onger Cleaning Minister Kireizky

Cleaning Minister Kireizky (掃治大臣キレイズキー ,Sōji Daijin Kireizukī, 42-44) is one of the Gaiark's ministers, who "cleans" the slate of Braneworlds he has visited, destroying the Sound World, the Magic World, and the Prism World to acquire a special energy called Dokkirium (ドッキリウム ,Dokkiriumu).

Arriving in the Human World, Kireizky intervened during Engine-Oh G9's fight with Bin Banki before formally introducing himself. Kireizky is armed with Seven Cleaning Tools (オソウジ七つ道具 ,Osōji Nanatsu Dōgu) such as Duster Blade (ハタキブレード ,Hataki Burēdo?) with which he can execute the Dust Trash (ホコリトラッシュ ,Hokori Torasshu), Tying Sleeves (たすき掛け ,Tasuki Gake), and Round Moon Slash (円月斬り ,Engetsu Giri) attacks. His other weapons are Broom Shotgun (ホウキショットガン ,Hōki Shottogan), Anti-Soul Rag (アンチソウルゾーキン ,Anchi Sōru Zōkin) that can absorb Engine-Soul based attacks and send them back to knock them out or be wrung into the Rag Grenade (ゾウキングレネード ,Zōkin Gurenēdo), the Dustpan Shield (チリトリシールド ,Chiritori Shīrudo), and Cotton Swab Kunai (メンボークナイ ,Menbō Kunai). His sixth weapon, the Bottomless Wastebin (ムゲンゴミバコ ,Mugen Gomibako), allows him to manipulate space itself from evading an enemy attack to sending them far away with Vacuum Full Power (バキュームフルパワー ,Bakyūmu Furu Pawā). But once losing the wastebin, Kireizky swallows the Dokkirium he gather to undergo Super Industrial Revolution (超産業革命 ,Chōsangyō Kakumei) before using the strongest of his seven weapons, the Bucket Bazooka (バケツバズーカ ,Baketsu Bazūka). Though he overpowered the Go-ongers, the tables turn when the entire team is reassembled and Kireizky is scrapped by Engine-Oh G12. However, his Wastebin ended up at the Hellgaille Palace, still active as Yogoshimacritein emerges from it.

* His name is from the Japanese word for "tidiness" (綺麗好き ,kireizuki)

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