Monday, October 26, 2009

Go-onger: Power Ranger RPM Robot Toy Review

I just got today something I've been looking forward too for a very long time. I got the ValveMax Megazord. For all intense and purposes, I'm getting these because of Go-onger, not the RPM Americanized version, so I'm going to refer to him by his proper name "GunBir-Oh". See, at the end of last year, shortly before Christmas, Target put out the first RPM toy, High Octane Megazord (known better as "Engine-Oh"). I got that at only $20 - a great deal. Sure, they don't have the bells and whistles of the original Japanese toys - but it was still a pretty good deal.

So, next I wait for GunBir-Oh to hit stores. It wasn't until maybe August or September that I finally began to see the toy get out there. But, sadly, not in the form I wanted. They had it for sale at ToysRus, but that was at $45 for both Engine-Oh and GunBir-Oh. I don't want to buy the same toy twice. I next see the toy, sold alone, at my local Disney Store. But, MY WORD, what a complete rip off. They where asking for $40 for it. So, here I come all the way to October 26, two months shy of a full year since Engine-Oh was first released - and finally I unexpectedly find GunBir-Oh for sale at Target. This took 10 Months! But, anyway, I was happy to find it, and at only $20 it was a steal.

OK, as for the actual toy - it's probably not the same as the Japanese versions - but these are still some well crafted toys. Carrigator is great - and forms up nicely with the smaller but well detailed Birca and Gunpherd, who attached as the arms of GunBir-Oh. Pieces on Carrigator sometimes come off easily, but attached back just as easily.

On Engine-Oh, I feel I need to tell you the biggest fault with that toy, is that of BearRV. They made it so she can't have a flat surface for a head, as there is a connector on top of her, so in car mode that's a visual distraction. It goes away in Transformation, and I feel it's not that big of a deal. Also - they altered the hands on Engine-Oh. The Japanese version had open hands - and the American one has closed fists. This makes it good for holding his sword - but you quickly learn why they where opened fists when you can't entirely place the arms completely into their sockets, which might cause trouble when putting robots, like the Go-On Wings, onto the shoulders.

While the plastic is creaky, and perhaps feels like it might break someday, I'm non the less pleased with how both of these toys turned out. GunBir-Oh attaches nicely to Engine-Oh - and I was finally able to complete Engine-Oh G6.

I'd highly recommend buying both of these toys - and actually getting all 6 of the cars together is lots of fun. I'm unsure weather I'll get the Go-On Wings, or the prehistoric trains (adding everything, I have no doubt, will make this toy a much larger challenge to put together) I'll have to wait and see, or if they even come out.

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