Monday, October 26, 2009

Samurai Ha Oh Commercial

Here's a cool commercial for the Ushi Origami toy. I'm currently waiting on a pre-order for this toy, which I hope will ship soon. I had to bail from buying it from my regular shopping spot, Hobbylinks Japan. Instead I'm buying it from They might be charging more for the item ($150, as opposed to $130) but nothing can beat the difference between $12 shipping verses $70-Freaking dollars from Japan! Over all it's coming out to what I was expecting to pay, normal shipping wise. (Most other orders from Japan cost around $20 or such)

Well, I'm certainly gonna have to cut back on Sentai merchandise next year. I just wanted to make it this one year, and get all the incredible Shinkenger toys available.

Anyway way, here's the commercial
This video will be added here: Samurai Ha Oh Profile

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