Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Samurai Ha Oh Toy Review

This is it - the final and largest Origami from the Shinkenger toy line. I got MougyuDai-Oh in the mail today, and boy is this thing big. Opening it up, the Ox and Robot modes are both nice, but I was sort of disappointed how obscured the Ox's face is when in Animal mode. In Robot Mode MougyuDai-Oh doesn't have legs to speak of, as he's sort of all just one big box with a robot body on top. That aside the toy delivers a great sense of scale and immensity. The rotating Hiden Disk on his head is very cool. The toy features a button that makes MougyuDai-Oh move on his own. He can go forward and backward - and you can lock his wheels in place (which is good when displaying him, since he's on wheels and you don't want him rolling off of you're shelf. The toy requires C Cell Batteries, which sadly are not included.

Oh, now my year long journey of collecting has come to and end - as I can now put all the robots together to form Samurai Ha Oh. (Ha Oh, meaning Military King, the highest rank there is) All the pieces fit together nicely, and there are slots to hide Shinken-Oh's helmet and Tora Origami's head. You basically place the Tenku Buster on the robot's back. There is some support to make sure it doesn't fall off as easily, but you should still be careful when carrying the toy. DaikaiShinken-Oh stands in front on the extended platform coming out of MougyuDai-Oh's legs. Then you place the arms and revolving cannon on the head. Then, finally, you place the Turtle and Monkey Origami on the sides near the bottom back. There are sort of shoved out of the way - but, when put all together, Ha Oh not only moves forward and back, but also spins the cannon on the head and the Pink and Yellow robots on the side. It really does look nice and powerful.

This is simply an excellent toy, and I am quite pleased with the very tiring and expensive journey this robot became. I'm simply opting out of buying any toys from the next Super Sentai. This is more than enough for now. It costs a lot and takes a lot to get all these toys - but the finale combination is worth it. Samurai Ha Oh is simply the largest robot toy I have, I think even beating out Transformer's Unicron.

Here is a video of MougyuDai-Oh and it's transformation into Samurai Ha Oh

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