Monday, December 14, 2009

Quick Question

I wanted to ask, everyone who visits this blog - wether it's easy to load or not. I know blogger makes thumbnails of images - so you're not downloading the full size images every time you load a page. But, for instance, when I have a whole page collecting all the images of, say, Shinken Red, does having all those images in a single post slow things down? Or is there no real difference.

I might just be worrying for nothing. My computer is just very slow. Things load for me pretty well, but I wanted to get some feed back if everyone else is fine with it. If not, I could look into trying to split up pages with lots of images (like I did recently with Shinkenger Group Images) So, please leave a message and tell me what you think - and wether my site loads well enough for you or not.

Thank you.


  1. I read your blog and view your pictures through Google Reader. It quickly loads all the pictures without any hesitation! When I do visit your site, everything seems pretty responsive and quick to load.

  2. loading here is pretty fast.

    Keep up the great images!