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Ranger Ally Profile: Boukenger Zubaan

DaiKenjin Zubaan (大剣人ズバーン, Daikenjin Zubān, lit. Great Sword Man Zubaan)

Zubaan is actually the Precious called The Golden Sword that was enshrined in the ruins of Lemuria. It is originally in Saken Mode, or Sacred Sword Mode. When the seal of the Saken Mode is turned, Zubaan can transform into a human-sized fighter. He also has the ability to grow to the size of DaiBouken at will. Its special attack in combination with Ultimate DaiBouken is called "Great Sacred Sword Slash (大聖剣斬り, Dai Seiken Giri)." In his humanoid form, Zubaan's speech is limited to saying his name, or mixed-up parts of it (such as "Ban-ban!", "Zun! Zubabababababa!", etc.) much like a Pokémon. In Task 42, he became the size of DaiBouken's sword, GoGoKen, to help the Boukengers defeat the Questers' Homunculus. DaiBouken Voyager with Zubaan in hand used the "Super Riding Adventure Drive" to do so. Zubaan is also able to finish giant monsters by using a powerful double kick or a rapid barrage of quick attacks. After Satoru and Sakura left for space, Natsuki carries Zubaan with her on the Boukenger's adventures. Zubaan is based on Sirender from Gekisou Sentai Carranger.

Ranger Villain Profile: Go-onger Land Pollution Vice-Minister Hiramechimedes

Land Pollution Vice-Minister Hiramechimedes (害地副大臣ヒラメキメデス, Gaichi Fuku Daijin Hiramekimedesu)

"Pok-Pok-Ping! and I have a flash. Land Pollution Vice-Minister Hiramechimedes!" (ポク・ポク・ピーン!とひらめくは、害地副大臣ヒラメキメデスです ,Poku-Poku-Pīn! to hirameku wa, Gaichi Fuku Daijin Hiramekimedesu desu)

Hiramechimedes is Yogostein's subordinate and Gaiark's top tactical genius, a more serious threat than the Pollution Ministers. Whenever inspired with a plan, the 3 lights on his head flash as he says "Pok-Pok-Ping!" (ポク・ポク・ピーン!, Poku-Poku-Pīn!) with the sextant, and protractor on his chest body indicating the plan's greatness. In spite of being low ranked, Hiramechimedes is feared by the Engines, making them frightened husks of their former selves in his numberous victories which they enventually overcame. However, on the day Gaiark was expelled from Machine World, Hiramechimedes mysteriously disappeared during the fight only to resurface months later on the Human World to serve under Yogostein again after settling some loose ends with the Wing Engines as he thought he had handled, only to be once more pursed by them and the Go-on Wings.

Eventually, Hiramechimedes, along with Yogostein and Bōseki Banki, stages his apparent banishment from Hellgaille palace as part of a plan to deceive the Go-ongers and kill Go-on Gold. However the plan goes wrong yet again with the arrival of Engine-Oh G9 and Hiramechimedes refuses to return to Yogostein out of shame, spending long days of calculation for a means to kill the Go-ongers. After a vain attempt to destroy the Go-on teams, Hiramechimedes finally finds the answer he had been looking for: to beat the Go-ongers at their own game with raw power rather than with intellect. To that end he sneaks back into Hellgaille Palace and, in spite of Yogostein's pleas, infuses himself with a hundred times the Bikkurium amount that a Savage Machine Beast needs for "Industrial Revolution". In consequence, the stress of this destroyed Hiramechimedes' mind as he upgrades into a more powerful and insane babbling form called Detaramedes (デタラメデス ,Detaramedesu). Though he almost defeats Engine-Oh G9 after executing "Big Industrial Revolution", Detaramedes's downfall comes from Sōsuke's reckless refusal to give up. In the end, Go-on Red scraps Detaramedes with only the Hacalibur remaining for Yogostein to pick up.

However, while the Go-ongers visit a shrine in the woods, they encounter Hiramechimedes' ghost, referring to himself as Urameshimedes (ウラメシメデス ,Urameshimedesu, 24), as his malice towards the Go-ongers kept him from passing on. Unable to regain physical form, Urameshimedes made a detour to Samurai World to recruit the aid of Bakki to help him by phyiscally harming the Go-ongers in return to allow him to destroy the forest. But when everything didn't work out as planned, Urameshimedes possesses Bakki's body as Hirameki Bakki (ヒラメキ伐鬼 ,Hirameki Bakki) and enlarges it to kill the Go-ongers. However, the Go-on teams manage to use a G9 Grand Prix laced with salt on the two so the attack would not only kill Bakki, but exorcise Hiramechimedes in the process.

    * His attacks have a calculus theme from his Pi Beam (円周率パイビーム, Enshūritsu Pai Bīmu) to his ruler-sword based Equilateral Triangle Slash (正三角形斬り, Seisankakkei Giri) and Isosceles Right Triangle Slash (直角二等辺三角形斬り, Chokkaku Nitōhen Sankakkei Giri) attacks.
    * His name is a pun on the Japanese word for "flash" (閃き, hirameki) and "Archimedes" (アルキメデス, Arukimedesu)
    * As Detaramedes, his uses a variety of attacks with a miscalculation theme such as Hissatsu: Root 3 - Base ÷ Diameter = 950000 (必殺・ルート3-底辺÷直径=950000 ,Hissatsu: Rūto San hiku Teihen waru Chokkei wa Kyūjūgoman), 10 - 4 = 200 (10-4=200 ,Jū hiku Yon wa Nihyaku), 6 + 9 = 500 (6+9=500 ,Roku tasu Kyū wa Gohyaku), Detarame Kill-Factor: Bikkurium Beam (デタラメ殺法・ビックリウム光線 ,Detarame Sappō: Bikkuriumu Kōsen), Detarame Kill-Factor: Brain Freeze Slash (デタラメ殺法・思考停止斬り ,Detarame Sappō: Shikō Teishi Giri), and Detarame Kick-Punch-Chop-Slash (デタラメキックパンチチョップ斬り ,Detarame Kikku Panchi Choppu Giri)

Ranger Profile: Kakuranger NinjaYellow

Kakuranger NinjaYellow

Seikai (セイカイ, Seikai) / NinjaYellow (ニンジャイエロー, Ninjaierō)

Seikai is 24 years old and a descendant of Miyoshi Seikai. Seikai likes video games. He refuses to battle at the beginning but when he saw Rokurokubi steal children, he decides to battle. He is driven by desire and dash for food, sleep, and women. He is indecisive, but has unusual strength from his ancestor.

* Shinobi Knuckle: Yellow Claw (イエロークロー, Ierō Kurō)
* Ninja Magic: Ninja Arts (忍法, Ninpō), by enlarging himself to attack his enemy
* Special Attack: Hidden Style Triple Slash (隠流・三段斬り, Kakure Ryū Sandan Kiri)
* He corresponds to Zhu Bajie from Journey to the West.
* He is named after a famous ninja in Japanese culture. Seikai from the legendary Miyoshi Seikai, a member of the Sanada Ten Braves, whose family name can be translated as "star sea".

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Ranger Profile: Changeman Change Phoenix

Changeman Change Phoenix

Mai Tsubasa (翼麻衣, Tsubasa Mai)/Change Phoenix (チェンジフェニックス, Chenji Fenikkusu)

Originally an EDS reconnaissance officer. Motorcyclist and tomboy.

* Weapons and/or attacks: Phoenix Attack, Phoenix Fire, Phoenix Fire Bomber

Ranger Profile: Changeman Change Mermaid

Changeman Change Mermaid

Sayaka Nagisa (渚さやか, Nagisa Sayaka)/Change Mermaid (チェンジマーメイド, Chenji Māmeido)

Originally an EDS Strategic Corps officer. An inventor.

* Weapons and/or attacks: Mermaid Attack, Mermaid Typhoon Wave, Mermaid Big Wave

Ranger Villain Profile: Changeman Enemies

The Great Star League Gozma (大星団ゴズマ, Daiseidan Gozuma) is an empire that devastates planets and uses the survivors as warriors trying to invade their planets.

Star King Bazoo (星王バズー, Seiō Bazū): The leader of Gozma. He is actually a projection of the living planet Gozmastar.

General Giluke (ギルーク司令, Girūku Shirei): He is in charge of the invasion of Earth. He is from Grass Star. Once plotted against Bazoo. He dies and returns as Ghost Giluke. Later, he becomes Super Giluke and the Space Beast Warrior Giluke.

Adjutant Booba (副官ブーバ, Fukukan Būba): Former space pirate armed with the Buldobas sickle. Died fighting with Change Dragon.

Adjutant Shima (副官シーマ, Fukukan Shîma): A princess of Amanga Star with a man's voice. Until she defected to the Changemen.

Queen Ahames (女王アハメス, Jō Ahamesu): Giluke's comrade when he revolted against Bazoo. She kidnaps Booba and Shima and sets her sights on killing the Changemen. Dies in the exploding EDS base.

Hidrer Soldiers (ヒドラー兵, Hidorā Hei): Grunts in blue tights with blonde hair and odd bulges born from eggs.

Navigator Gator (航海士ゲーター, Kōkaishi Gētā): The yes-man for Gozma, until he defects and joins the Changemen.

Gyodai (ギョダーイ, Gyodāi): One-eyed monster enlarging creature from Gyodai Star.

Great Star League Gozma Mechanics: They are Gozmard, Gozma Pod and Gozma Sentouki. Each creatures have either captured beasts from conquered alien worlds or aliens mutated into monsters.

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Kagaku Sentai Dynaman

Did you know? Dynaman was originally planned as a Baseball-themed Sentai series known as V-Leaguer. Though the story was changed in the end for Dynaman the Baseball-player-like Dynaman suits remained.

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Gattai Focus: Dynaman Giant Robots

Here are images of the giant robot of Dynaman.

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Ranger Profile: Dairanger RyuuRanger

Dairanger RyuuRanger

Ryou of the Heavenly Fire Star ("天火星" 亮, "Tenkasei" Ryō) / RyuuRanger (リュウレンジャー, Ryū Renjā, Dragon Ranger)

Son of Zhang Liao and a human woman. Was not aware of his Dai heritage until recently. Has a little sister, Youko. He wanted to be the best gyoza cook in Japan and worked in Yokohama Chinatown at Yokohama. He forcefully became a Dairanger after his encounter with and capture by Baron String, saved by his Mythical Qi Beast Ryuuseioh, and taken to Master Kaku. Deeply trusts his teammates. Specializes in Dragon Fist, which allows him to attack with fire and lightning. Because they are both of Dai heritage, Ryou and Lin can often be seen together, although they are not a couple.

* Age: 23 years old
* Dairen Rod: Naginata
* Dai Weapon: Double Dragon Swords (双竜剣, Sōryūken)
* Special attacks: Lightning Blaze Destruction (稲妻炎上破, Inazuma Enjōha), Shooting Star Flash (流星閃光, Ryūsei Senkō)

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