Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ranger Ally Profile: Goseiger Nozomu Amachi

Nozomu Amachi (天知 望, Amachi Nozomu) Nozomu is a grade four student who is Alata's good friend. He discovers the Goseiger's identities and intentions. Alata stands up for Nozomu when it is suggested his memory be wiped of this knowledge, saying that Nozomu is his friend and that he would keep their secret.

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  1. wow... Nozomu changed in one year time...

  2. He was around that age. His voice did start to deepen slightly during the last few episodes.

    What an awesome kid who I really grew to care about while watching Goseiger. He rreminded me of my little brother, the way he and Alata were with each other.