Monday, February 1, 2010

Ranger Ally Profile: Shinkenger Kuroko

Kuroko (黒子) The Shiba clan's servants who like their namesakes "set up" the scenery during the Shinkengers' transformation. As they do not possess any Mojikara, they are not able to fight against the Gedoushu and are not directly involved in combat, although they do help evacuate civilians away from danger. They often do chores when the Shinkengers are not in battle. Kaoru has her own group of Kuroko, who wear slightly different robes bearing the Shiba family crest.

Sakutaro Komatsu (小松 朔太郎, Komatsu Sakutarō, 7, 47): Sakutaro Komatsu was a kuroko who had previously served Takeru's father, much like Ryunosuke serves Takeru. After the previous head of the Shiba House died, Sakutaro lost his will to continue as a servant of the Shiba House and took to the life of a fisherman. However, meeting Ryunosuke opens Sakutaro's eyes to the reason why he had served the Shiba House as he helps Ryunosuke in obtaining the Kajiki Origami. He later secretly resumes his duty as a kuroko; he helps Ryunosuke through his own crisis of confidence when Takeru is revealed to not be the real Head of the Shiba Clan.

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