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Ranger Villain Profile: Goseiger Buredoran

Buredoran of the Comet (彗星のブレドラン, Suisei no Buredoran) is the cruel strategist of Warstar and one of Mons Drake's top commanders. He is in charge of making the monsters enlarge by using the poisonous Bibi Bugs (ビービ虫, Bībi Mushi).

Buredoran of the Chupacabra (チュパカブラの武レドラン, Chupakabura no Buredoran) Buredoran of the Comet survives the destruction of Warstar and is revealed to have been a member of the Yuumajuu all along. In the Yuumajuu, he is known as Buredoran of the Chupacabra. As a Yuumajuu, Buredoran still has control over the Bibi Bugs and Demon Bug Soldiers Bibi.

Buredo-RUN of the Cyborg (サイボーグのブレドRUN, Saibōgu no Buredoran) is the revived form of Warstar/Yuumajuu member Buredoran, turned into a cyborg by Robogōgu and made into the newest member of the Matrintis Empire with his memory wiped out save his name and hatred for the Goseigers. His weapons are the BuredoLaunchers (ブレドランチャー, Buredoranchā) in his shoulders and the Buremerangs (ブレメラン, Buremeran) that he uses as close-range weapons.

* As a Matrintis member, Buredoran's name now includes the english word RUN and is now modeled after an ammonite.

Burajira of the Messiah (救星主のブラジラ Kyūseishu no Burajira)

After freeing himself of Robogog's control, Buredo-RUN finally unveils the truth behind his many origins. He takes on his real name, Kyuuseishu no Burajira (Burajira of the Messiah).

Brajira was originally one of the most powerful Gosei Angels, able to use all three elements at once. However, after sealing the Yuumajuu leaders Makuin and Kinggon while incognito as Buredoran of the Chupacabra, Brajira became obsessed with his mission as a Gosei Angel to the point of fashioning the Earth Salvation Plan (地球救星計画 Chikyū Kyūsei Keikaku), which would allow him to destroy the world and remake it in his own image as its Messiah. To that end, after the other Gosei Angels refuse to aid him, Brajira used the Timetrouble Tensou Technique to travel from his time into the present, losing his humanity in the process as Warstar arrives to Earth. From there, Brajira joins Warstar under the name Buredoran of the Comet and gained the Demon Bug Soldiers Bibi (魔虫兵ビービ Machūhei Bībi) and the enlarging Bibi Bugs (ビービ虫 Bībi Mushi), providing his knowledge on the Gosei Angels so Warstar can do his dirty work in disabling them before he disposes of the aliens personally.

After Warstar's defeat by the Goseigers, Buredoran returns to the Yuumajuu after secretly unsealing its leaders to have them finish off the Goseigers. After losing face when he acts on his own to control the Abare Headder before the Goseigers win it over, Buredoran attempts to do away with both the Yuumajuu leaders and the Goseigers, But the scheme backfired and Buredoran is defeated by the Goseigers. His lifeless body is then discovered by Matrintis Empire's Metal-Alice, and he is rebuilt as Buredo-RUN of the Cyborg with his memories erased, as Robogog knew his true identity and intended to use his ability to seal the Tensouders. However, Buredo-RUN regains his memory and sets up the Matrintis Empire's downfall. Taking control of the Terminel, renaming it Labyrindel (ラビリンデル Rabirinderu), Brajira reveals his true form and captures Gosei Knight to make him his servant once more. Furthermore, using the military might of Warstar, the magic of the Yuumajuu, and the advanced technology of the Matrintis Empire, Brajira begins setting up his master plan.

In the film Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku, Brajira joins the Gedoushu and assumes a form similar to Doukoku known as Buredoran of the Bloodbath.

* Brajira is named after the film Brazil (未来世紀ブラジル Mirai Seiki Burajiru)

Buredoran of Chimatsuri (血祭のブレドラン, Chimatsuri no Buredoran)

In Goseiger vs Shinkenger, Buredoran takes the form of a Doukoku-style Gedoushu to revive Doukoku's followers under the deception that he is the heir to Doukoku himself. Aided joined by the Ayakashi Madakodama, Buredoran brainwashes Shinken Red so he can use their talents in a scheme to open a portal to the Gosei World and transfer the entire Sanzu River there. After the latter is freed from his control, Buredoran battles GoseiRed and ShinkenRed with phantoms in his Warstar and Yummajuu forms before being defeated. He is eventually killed by Ground Hyper Gosei Great's Mojikara Headder Strike. Like Doukoku, Buredoran carries a broadsword similar to Doukoku's Shōryū Bakuzantō and uses Gedou Chimatsuri Bullet (外道血祭弾, Gedō Chimatsuri Dan) attack.

* He is modeled after an antlion.

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