Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ranger Villain Profile: Shinkenger Manpuku Aburame

Manpuku Aburame (脂目 マンプク, Aburame Manpuku) Manpuku Abruame is the leader of the Kusare Gedoushu (クサレ外道衆, Kusare Gedōshū) a group of powerful Gedoushu that exudes a corpse-like stench that was sealed away three centuries ago by Retsudou Shiba. However, he is revived by Doukoku along with his followers during the summer-time. After being slain by the five Shinkengers, he is destroyed by Kyoryu-Shinkenoh.

* Manpuku is modeled after Budai (布袋, Hotei), known in the west as the Fat Buddha, or Laughing Buddha by the Chinese.

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