Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Images from Epic 10

I really wasn't expecting the surprise of this episode featuring hints of the 6th Goseiger. I was actually planning on just posting images collected off of message boards, and take this week off getting screen shots. No such luck; I had to jump in and see the episode myself. So here are a few more screen shots from the episode, in addition to the ones I posted before, found here.

Usually the new member appears after 15 or more episodes. Still not sure wether GoseiGreen will somehow show up alive later on, but it's a cool sneak appearance either way. Also of note, is that GoseiGreen was portrayed by the same actor who played DekaGreen in Dekaranger. (I always like it when they sprinkle appearances by former actors into the series)

I added profiles for the two new characters that appeared in this episode.

You can find these images added here: GoseiBlue Profile

Goseiger Monster
You can find these images added here: Goseiger Monsters

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