Sunday, May 30, 2010

Goseiger So Far...

Just when I think I understand the Super Sentai formula - a curveball comes along and proves to me I haven't seen everything yet. That's the feeling I'm getting from the first 1/3ed of Goseiger - where we've unexpectedly seen the main villains drummed out of town in less than 16 episodes. I just wasn't expecting it. I've wondered wether it was because the bad guys where perhaps unpopular or not. I admit they weren't the most fearsome bad guys in recent Sentai history - but they also weren't bad. I'm eventually forced to conclude, however, that this was all planned in advance. My reasoning is that so much planning must have to go into making these series, that suddenly having to change direction wouldn't be easy.

Regardless, with Warstar's defeat, we're sort of been given an encapsulated moment to look back and see the series, so far, for what it is.

It stuck me that Goseiger was very pointedly pushing younger and younger - and many fans have had similar feelings towards the series. But I say - that's true of every Sentai series. Many of us might like Shinkenger more because of it's meleodrama and personal conflicts between the villains - but it was always child friendly as well. This series isn't as dramatic as Shinkenger was - but it doesn't have to be. Each new Super Sentai is a series unto it's self, and should be appreciated for what it is. I've particularly liked the angel-theme the series has been sporting, doing so without getting to biblical with the mythology of angels. The division of the team members into separate tribes, Sky, Land, and Sea, is well played and interesting - instinctively making you wonder about the Gosei World they came from. We've seen glimpses, but never the full picture of the land they want to go back to. We got a cool glimpse of a missing member, GoseiGreen, who was killed - leaving GoseiBlue the only member of the Seaick Tribe on the team. These kind of small hints, at a large picture, always play well, keeping the series going in your mind even after it's over.

The weekly monsters of this series have been particularly good. Though it might be lost in the translation - all of the monsters have been based off of science fiction movies. Most notably, "Warstar" is just Star Wars in reverse.

The other half of Super Sentai are the robots - and Gosei Great came out of the gate with a lot of criticism from fans. Many thought the Header concept was too gimmicky, to help sell toys. I don't mind that aspect of Super Sentai - those gimmicks turn out to produce some really cool toys. But in general I thought it just made Gosei Great too clunky looking. We've seen many over-loaded Sentai robots in recent years, with Go-onger's G12 Formation, and Shinkenger's Samurai Ha Oh. Those two, at least, became so large as the series was winding down. By the end of episode 12 we have a total of 15 separate robots combined!

Yet, I'm starting to really like Gosei Great now. I don't know if it's just the effect of seeing him in action each week, but I'm eyeing the toys a lot more than before, considering wether to buy some of them.

Plus, the Goseiger's comical side-kick Datas, while starting out slow and less useful, has come a great addition to the show. And once he was able to grow and transform - I'm just liking him a whole lot more now.

Anyway - I just wanted to momentarily look back at what the series has accomplished so far, before we head into the rest of the series. Goseiger isn't knocking Gekiranger or Shinkenger off of my top favorites' list, but I've still been quite enjoying the series. I'm even more looking forward to the new villains and the new 6th member. Once the 6th member has joined the team, that's usually when you see what kind of true dynamic the characters make up.

Tell me what you think. Do you agree, disagree? Feel free to voice you're opinion here in the comments.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Goseiger so far! It is SO different from past Sentai's. It kind of gives you the feeling that there's a whole new production team behind the show. I especially am in LOVE with the uniforms! And the helmet designs are BRILLIANT! If this was to be the last sentai, I would be happy. It's progressing nicely. I like the fact that we're gonna get new rangers and villians, it keeps the show fresh.

  2. Super sentai fans have been endlessly comparing Goseiger to the previous series especially Shinkenger and Go-Onger. Undoubtedly they were good concepts but overall as you said, each Sentai series have their own way of shining through.
    I wasn't big on Super Sentai until much recently, but Goseiger has got me so bad, I'm too addicted XD
    I think the main point of liking the Gosei cast are their characters. They have a sense of warmth and likeablity that in certain ways you can relate to :D
    However now I'm very much hoping for more character/background story developement compared to their fast paced throw outs of Mystic Brothers and GoseiKnight, which in my opinion seemed rather rushed out.

  3. i like goseiger, but it does have some problems like the mecha, also characters as well, i havent really seen much big screen time for some characters like hyde for a while