Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ranger Villain Profile: Dekaranger Rainian Agent Abrella

Rainian Agent Abrella (Rain Seijin Aburera) (2-50): An Alienizer agent who arrives at Earth from his homeworld, Planet Rain. The most sinister figure in the galactic black market, he is solely responsible for the outbreak of wars in seven galaxies, destroying billions of lives in the process. He is usually seen offering his services to the alien criminals there. He provides the various types of androids and Kaijuuki, caring about nothing except the money he gets. He can open his cape to reveal bat-like wings, and can transform into and control a flock of alien vampire bats, whose bite can make an alien grow into a rampaging giant. He made his presence known to the DekaRangers in episode 30. Over time, he starts taking the DekaRangers' interference personally since episode 43, leading a campaign against the Space Police through Kruger's former friend Bisques. He proved himself to be a capable fighter being able to survive attacks which would usually be fatal. Also he could stand his own in both close combat and mecha battling. He piloted a big drawer. Finally, he shows his fangs when he takes over DekaBase (via Abutrailer) to use the DekaBase Robo for the purpose of destroying Megalopolis to lure the bulk of SPD to Earth and use their own planetary forcefield against them, a plan that is revealed to have been in the works since the very beginning of the series to fulfill Abrella's desire for a "world of just currency and crime". However, he meets his end at the hands of the Dekarangers, thus finally bringing him to justice. However, true to his final words, his pupil Apollos would carry on in his stead. His name is a pun on the word umbrella.

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