Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gosei Groundion Combine!

GoseiKnight is getting a crash course in respecting human life this week, as he's captured by Buredoran and used to hurt humans with his powers. Once he's free he makes up for it by unleashing Gosei Ground! Maybe he can finally get along with the Gosei Angels after all.

Also, I found a screen shot that seems to be foretelling the inevitable Goseiger vs Shinkenger movie! Is it that time of year already?

I wanted to add, I'd like to thank everyone who have been visiting this blog. I've been amazed by the consistent traffic of over a 1000 hits a day, and the current number of followers, which recently swelled to 56. I am very appreciative of the support and hope you continue to enjoy the blog. Thank you.

Gosei Ground
You can find these images added here: Goseiger Robots

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Buredoran of the Chupacabra
You can find these images added here: Buredoran Profile

Goseiger vs Shinkenger
You can find this image added here: Sentai Versus


  1. Hi Erik,

    It's has been a long time since I discovered your site, and must say that I'm impressed by the quality of the pictures you post.
    And I see that they are very numerous, so I could spend hours staring at them^^
    I just wanted to know if it was possible to put my webiste ( in your links list...
    If not, I would tottally understand and I would keep visiting you...
    So thanks a lot in advance !

    Super Heroes Time

  2. In response to SHT: Sure. Just added it. I hope you can reciprocate and add my site to your list as well. I didn't know there where super sentai fans in France. Cool.

    And thank you for your kind comments. I do try to get the best shots, going through the episode manually and pausing to get the right frame.