Monday, June 7, 2010

HobbyLinks Super Sentai Sale

HobbyLinks Japan is having a big sale on older Super Sentai toys. You can pick up the likes of Mougyu-Daioh for a fraction of the cost. Daigoyou, Tora, Kabuto, & Kajiki Origami are there too for under or around 2000 Yen.

There's also plenty of Go-onger and Gekiranger toys as well.

Shipping at this site isn't that costly (except for a huge item like Mougyu-Daioh). But it still seems like a great sale for anyone who thought the toys where simply too costly to buy at the time.

Here's a link to the site: HobbyLinks Japan, and here's a link to the sale directly Super Sentai Sale


Another bit of news - HobbyLinks Japan is also offering free shipping, world wide, if you pay with Paypal. (That solves the high shipping for Mougyu-Daioh). It's only available between the 8th and 11th, though. (check their site for exact times during those days. They are going off of Japanese-Standard time)

I just wish I had the money this month to order something myself. Have to wait before I can get the Datas toy.

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