Thursday, August 12, 2010

"The firey embodiment of our Gosei feelings! Super Goseigers!"

I finally found out how to watch these episodes not simply on my computer - but also on my TV! It turns out it was easy - the PS3 allows communication with Windows Media Player, allowing movies and files to stream from my computer to my TV room. The streaming works, but not long term (for me, at least), so I instead copied the file onto the PS3 for a smooth playback. Standard Defintion looks a lot better on a smaller screen, which my computer sports. It sort of hurt my eyes seeing it on a larger screen. There was also a lot of action in the episode I watched, Episode 24, so that might not have helped with the picture clarity. But it was a cool achievement nontheless! I'm simply loving the new Super Goseiger Armor now!

Anyway, here are two images I had left over from previous weeks that I forgot to add to the blog-site-thingy. Enjoy!

You can find this image added here: GoseiRed Profile

You can find this image added here: GoseiBlue Profile

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