Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Power Rangers Samurai

Even though I love Super Sentai much more, Power Rangers still remains a favorite of my early childhood. It was through watching Jungle Fury that got me interested in Gekiranger, and into Super Sentai in general. And Power Ranger merchandise still supply some good toys, without the extra cost of far east shipping.

I've kept my eye on the series, but it regrettably seemingly began to die on me. It was suddenly taken to ABCkids, a channel my satellite package didn't provide - so I never saw the adaptation of Go-onger. Then the economy began to tank - and I believe production costs just where not working for Disney. The series was announced as canceled, and it seemed like that was that.

Then Saban Entertainment, the original producers of the Original Power Rangers, bought back the property - and seem to be aggressively relaunching the series as "Power Rangers Samurai"

I have no idea what to expect on the quality, given the potential extensive editing Shinkengers might receive to "Americanize" it. Though it will at least be interesting to see what they can do. It's only a rumor, but there is a chance "Power Rangers Samurai" might run for two seasons. That sounds like it will give the series a chance to ground it's self - like it originally did when they kept mostly the same cast and costumes for three of the original Power Ranger seasons.

Anyway, their official website can be found here: Power Rangers Samurai

So, early 2011 the series will premiere on Nickelodeon. (A network my satellite does carry) So I'll keep my eye on it. I hope this means cool Shinkenger/Power Ranger action figures.


The first preview of Power Rangers Samurai has come out. I feel somewhat embarrassed by their catch phrase "Samurai Forever" - but it looks like they are giving some attempt to have the same "Giving up their normal lives to be Samurai" theme that Shinkengers had. Though the lame pizza joke gives me pause, I can't help but smile by seeing the Shinkenger footage mixed with the always catchy "Go, Go Power Rangers" song. This definitely will not live up to the quality and depth of Shinkenger, but it's still cool to see some of it finally being brought over the US for kids to enjoy.


  1. I'll say it before and I'll say it again I would love to see mcfarlane toys take on the new power rangers cast.

  2. power ranger samurai is amazing & exiting

  3. samurai is amazing