Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not a Good Week...

No Raw video to be found on Veoh, and no appropriate images on 2chan message boards. (All of them had closed captions in every single screen shot! It's either that or too small screen shots are posted) Sorry - no screen shots from this week's episode. It's happening so often that it's getting very annoying. Screen shots are just harder to get from the subbed episodes. Sorry. Here are two images I managed to find during the week.

If anybody knows another website that has images, like the large size ones I usually find on 2chan (1400 x 800), please leave a reply. Thank you.

Goseiger Group Image
You can find this image added here: Goseiger Group Images
This image is labeled as coming from

Goseiger Robot
You can find this image added here: Goseiger Robot Images

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