Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ranger Villain Profile: Goseiger Metal-A Agent no Metal Alice

Metal-A Agent no Metal Alice (エージェントのメタルA(アリス), Ējento no Metaru Arisu) is Robogogu's personal attendant and the marshal of Matrintis who is the first high spec Matroid built by her master to serve him. In battle, she calculates any factor and uses previous battle data to enhance specs on Matroid designs. She wields the A-Pad (Aパッド, Arisu Paddo) with a spear-like weapon mode that allows her to summon the Bibi Soldiers and the Bibi Bugs to fight for Matrintis and converts the Bibi Bugs into the Bibi Nails (ビービネイル, Bībi Neiru) to enlarge the Matroids.

* She is named after Metropolis (メトロポリス, Metoroporisu)

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