Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ranger Villain Profile: Gokaiger Monsters

This is where images of the various monstrous enemies who appear in Gokaiger will be added.

Action Commanders (行動隊長, Kōdō Taichō) are alien monsters who serve under Zangyack.


  1. Taichō is Captain eh? Not commander

  2. In Response to LUKE: I just get the information off of wikipedia. Usually it seems right. I also sometimes wait for the TV-Nihon translation to show up, and adjust when I can.

    I checked around, and you're right - it does seem to usually translate to Captain. But I found a few instances where Commander was also listed. Apparently it translates as "Big Leader" - so I can see where the translation on our end could get confused.

    This looks like the word for Commander,

    Thank you for the note!

  3. haha...welcome Kandou Erik ...watching a few episode of bleach anime about Taichō actually help me >< [if you were not a fan of bleach anime, I hope i didn't offended you ><]

    Some Fansub translation have wrongly subbed them...such as Over-Time fansub, but I didn't blame them at all la...^^

  4. I hope I have done my part so that staff of Fansub take note le...I want Gokaiger to have a good subtitle as well, because later ppl misinterpret the original the meaning of the Japanese word ><

  5. Well, I don't know wether any of the translators of TV-Nihon view my blog, let alone this tread of discussion, but they seem pretty versed in accurately translating things, and sometimes correct themselves when they make a mistake.

    And no you didn't offend me at all. I watch Bleach too (the Manga and the Anime on Cartoon Network). That's where I saw you where correct, when I did an internet search on Taichou - as that same word was used for the various Captains of the different squads.