Monday, February 28, 2011

Super Sentai Music to be Available on iTunes

Well, this is quite a surprise. I read it first on GaijINside, that Super Sentai Music is going to be made available on iTunes. They said they will begin releasing songs from Boukenger to Gokaiger - starting on March 9th with weekly releases. All 35 series will apparently be ready by mid April. I'm really unsure wether this is just about the main theme songs, or the entirety of songs from each series. I hope it's more than just the opening themes - but even if it is, this is still quite a turn of events.

I've had to frustratingly try to buy Super Sentai CDs from Japan. Most people usually illegally download them, which I think this is in direct response to. I gotta say, it's about time! I'd imagine the over-head costs of putting this music up on iTunes must be less expensive than CDs - but also it would directly attract fans who felt they had few options to legally buy the songs. I hope everyone will show their support, and use this as an opportunity to show Toei that we are willing to pay for Super Sentai products if they make them available to us.

Maybe this could lead to something bigger - perhaps if Toei sees enough sales of the songs, perhaps they might consider subbing some of the series for DVDs, or translate them and put new episodes on the internet - like they do with Naruto. Even if the turn around time of translating episodes was substantially later (weeks, or even months) it would still be a huge achievement - and a golden opportunity to stop the need for illegal downloads and subbing. Of course, the counter argument is that, even if made available, illegal downloading still takes place. I'd counter that, especially with this fan community, there could be definite profit to be made by translating the shows into English. But I'm getting way ahead of myself. Let's just hope songs being on iTunes proves successful.

Super Sentai is probably one of Japan's great national treasures. It might ultimately just be a kid's show - but it's a show that generations of people have enjoyed, and has become a staple of Japanese TV. Japan should take pride in this product, similarly like they do like likes of Astroboy, - and work to share it with the world. I know they half-way do that by having it turned into Power Rangers -- but as any fan could tell you, the difference in quality and meaning Super Sentai provides is always lost when redeveloped as Power Rangers. The cultural identity of Super Sentai shouldn't be so ignored, but celebrated. It is also a tremendously great way to expose more people to Japanese culture. With an internet initiative, I think both Power Rangers and Super Sentai could survive in the same market. In America Super Sentai obviously appeals to a more older audience, and a push to translate the series into English on the internet would serve to give fans the best of both worlds. Again, I'm getting ahead of myself. The easier access to these songs, still, is just such an encouraging bit of news.

UPDATE: Super Sentai Songs Now Available on iTunes (There was a bit of a delay, but the songs where finally released.)


  1. Sweet, maybe this also could get the kamen rider music on as well

  2. They did mention in the article (below) that they will increase the range of titles as needed. So there is a possibility Kamen Rider might eventually also be included. BUT - that's not a sure thing. The CD Market for Kamen Rider music is pretty tight, pretty much only releasing singles. Super Sentai releases the series in increasing number of songs on each successive CD release. (Starting out with 2 or 4 songs, then by the end of a series all the songs are included all the music on the final CD Collection, or Zenkyokushu) The only "bargain" for Kamen Rider music I've seen is the special release limited time compilation of the entire series (all music, main songs, background music, sound effects), for a hefty price ($60 or $80, if I recall correctly) for what I think total 6 CDs worth of music.

    To sum up, Kamen Rider music seems to be released more at a premium. I can't imagine it's a great business model these days, seeing as how many people make an end-run around and download the music. I think making the songs available, and cheaper, on itunes, could prove to me much more cost effective. (the whole, sell for less and make more money theory) That's why I'm so hopeful the Super Sentai songs sell well, to encourage Toei to release everything on itunes.