Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ranger Ally Profile: Goseiger Rashil

Rashil (ラシル, Rashiru) Rashil is the protector of Horn of Ragnarok (ラグナロクの角笛, Ragunaroku no Tsunobue), two stones that when combined together and played can signal the end of the world. This happened on Rashil's home planet, and she wishes to destroy the Horn so no other worlds will have to suffer the same fate. Rashil flees to Earth with the stones, but is shot down by the Warstar. She is forced to eject the stones from her ship before she crashes. Alata befriends and tries to help Rashil, but the Warstar obtain the stones and reform the Horn of Ragnarok, putting the world in great peril. Thanks to Rashil a miracle is born for the Goseiger - Gosei Wonder, a new giant robot, is able to be used to defeat the Warstar. The Horn is destroyed and Ragnarok is averted. Rashil returns to her home planet to rebuild her world.

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  1. I Have Sayaka isoyama In Gokaiger
    She's Wants a Female Ryuuranger of dairanger

    she a First Time ever Female Red ranger

    Never a Keiichi Wada's Role Never!.

  2. She's a The First Female Red ranger.