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Introductory Super Sentai Clips

I tried to put together a page explaining as best I could what Super Sentai is, and giving some clips to give a first hand example of what the series is like. I only showed 4 clips which I thought best showed what the Super Sentai series is like. There where quite a few other clips I excluded so as not to overload the post. Well, for anyone else who's curious about Super Sentai, here are some other clips I wanted to share. (I'll just provide links to the clips, so as not to overload this post as well. I'll also note if the clip is not subtitled.)

From Shinkenger
Shinken Gold Appears!

Umemori Genta, aka Shinken Gold, appears for the first time in this clip. Being a Sushi Seller, he has a Sushi-Theme going on - and turned out to be a wonderful addition to the cast. In this episode he had been leaving clues that he was going to make his debut - but the Shinkengers misinterpreted the clues as threats from the enemy. This clip is a good example of the kind of great J-Pop songs they insert into the show. This particular song, played during the battle, is of course Shinken Gold's theme.

From Gekiranger
Gou Becomes GekiViolet

This clip shows Gou, brother to GekiBlue, accepting the use of his powers for justice. See, he performed a forbidden technique that back fired on him and twisted his powers. Instead of normal Geki, he now possesses ShiGeki. He thought this made him evil, as he could not even control the Animal Spirit inside him - but he's shown that ShiGeki can be directed to be anything he desires - and uses it to fight the enemy. This is the first new color used in Super Sentai in quite a long while, and I think was suppose to represent the difference in Gou's power. His fighting style also seemed modeled after kickboxing, so there are some allusions to that during the fight.

From Gekiranger
Ken's Introduction

This clip is a good example of some of the humor that Super Sentai can portray. Here we see Ken Hisatsu, aka GekiChopper the 5th Gekiranger Member, is introduced for the first time, and gets off on the wrong foot fighting against Jan for a Menchikatsu (a Japanese Food). Sometimes the humor can be very over the top, like in this case. This clip is translated, but I want to note that Jan's occasional gibberish talk is because he was raised by tigers in the wild, and sometimes uses his own made up words. His intent is usually pretty obvious.

From Gekiranger
Rio and Mele's Final Fight

There are two clips here showing the fate of Rio and Mele. They where enemies of the Gekirangers during the entire series, but came over to the good guy's side when Rio found out his entire life had been manipulated by the immortal Long. Not everyone is happy about this, as some of the members can't forgive Rio and Mele for their actions. To decide their fate, they participate in a ritual called "KenDan". The fight is interrupted by the return of Long, who's repeatedly making it quite clear that he simply cannot die. He turns into a monstrous multi-headed golden dragon, and kills Mele. Seeing Mele die in his arms, Rio performs a technique meant to release all of his powers, but at the cost of his own life. Again the defeat of Long is short lived, as he revived again even after Rio sacrificed his life. (The final battle was put in my previous post before). Combined these clips are about 15 minutes; half an episode's length, just to warn you.

From Dairanger
First Battle

Dairanger is quite possibly what we might have seen in America, right after the original Power Rangers, if the decision wasn't made to continue the series with the Zyuranger costumes, but with the Dairanger giant robots. I can see several reasons why they made this decision; besides the grunts of the series dressed up in Tuxedos, this series didn't even introduce the robots until episode 8. This series was cool for including Chinese Mythology, and a fighting style based around channeling a person's chi. This is the group's first time transforming and their first battle.

From Dairanger
KibaRanger Abuses Powers

Another interesting note about Dairanger, and how it differs from what we where given in America, is Kou, who was able to obtain a Tiger Blade that would give him powers and turn into KibaRanger (who's costume and action shots where used as the White Ranger in America). Thing is, Kou is only 9 years old -- the powers increase his size to that of an adult, but definitely not his maturity. This clips shows his abusing his powers, and is even scolded by the Tiger Blade - who he humorously silences. When he eventually meets the Dairangers, the Sword talks in his place (so they don't hear how young he is). This clip isn't translated, but it's pretty easy to understand what's happening.

From Gaoranger
GaoRed Confronts Enemy

This is a clips showing one of the early fights in the show Gaoranger. The series was Animal themed, and included manga-style graphics in the action scenes. In this clip GaoRed is naive, thinking he can negotiate with the monsters. It obviously doesn't go well, and the team fights the enemy. Being one of the early episodes, and possibly with a bigger budget, they usually take the time to do more elaborate stunts - explaining some of the interesting things that happen in the fight.
Of note, this is a good example of how translations can go wrong. All of the dialogue reads fine enough, but the grammar isn't as good as it could be. There is also the case of calling the enemy Oruku. According to wikipedia they are suppose to be spelled Org. I don't think this was translated by the people at TV-Nihon. It's an example of how translations can easily go in different directions, neither option necessarily being wrong - it's simply different decisions being made.

From Gaoranger vs Super Sentai
Super Sentai Transform

It's become something of a tradition to have the departing Super Sentai team have a movie cross-over with the new team of that year, and so and so on. Gaoranger was particularly special, being the 25th Super Sentai series to date. To celebrate that they had a big cross-over movie, bringing back older cast members from previous series. They got some very good ones, including Bio One, played by Hiroshi Miyauchi -- all the way back from 1977! (He starred in the series J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai, the second Sentai Series ever!) Anyway, this clip shows the various returning characters joining forces alongside their modern counterparts, the Gaoranger team. The clip isn't translated, but it's just showing their transformations.

From Gaoranger vs Super Sentai
All Red Rangers

This is a clip showing up that point in time, all the 25 Red Rangers there have been in Super Sentai's history. They didn't get all of the actors back, but it was still a very cool scene - getting to see the entire scope of Super Sentai. And, mind you, it's been quite a few years since this 25th Anniversary movie; Gokaiger is celebrating as the 35th Super Sentai team. The clip is translated, and even shows the name of the series each Red Ranger comes from.

From Boukenger
Final Battle

GoGo Sentai Boukenger was a series with an Adventure and Treasure Hunting theme. The show revolved around finding artifacts from lost civilizations. (Usually based on mythology) These items are called "Precious". This clip shows the final battle against a monstrous force released by High Priest Gajah, of the lost Godom Civilization. They have a chance to defeat the creature because it's still incomplete.

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