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Super Sentai is, in essence, an anthology series. One series can have a vastly different tone from the another. Carranger seems to be one of the series that leaned much more heavily into the theme of comedy. It's been described as almost a parody of the genre it's self - and begins at an appropriately ridiculous premise - these workers at the Pegasus Auto Garage discover an alien who bestows them with the "Kruumagic" (Car-Magic) power of five legendary car consetellations. The Carrangers battle a reckless alien driver gang.

"Fighting for traffic safety! Gekisou Sentai Ca-a-a-a-arranger!" (戦う交通安全!激走戦隊!カー~レンジャー!, Tatakau kotsu anzen! Gekisou Sentai! Caaaaaranger!)

Silly, right? But it was suppose to be - and I believe this episode is joining in on that self-mocking theme as Kishi Yuji reprises his role as Kyousuke Jinnai, aka Red Racer. In this episode one of the villains, Insarn, develops a comical crush on Jinnai. Apparently the episode was written by a former writer on the Carranger series, so it should be very comedic.

By the way, for anyone who doesn't know, Carranger was adapted into the Power Ranger series: "Power Ranger Turbo", but suffered a complete remake - as the Power Rangers where trying to steer clear of the comic elements of the show.

Anyway, here are screen shots from the episode. Enjoy!

Red Racer
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Previous Sentai Powers
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Gokaiger Group Images
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Action Commander
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