Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ranger Villain Profile: Gokaiger Basco ta Jolokia

Basco ta Jolokia (バスコ・タ・ジョロキア, Basuko Ta Jorokia) is a privateer sent to Earth by the Zangyack Empire, who travels with his space monkey Sally. He is known to be an old rival of Captain Marvelous, who affectionally calls him "Mabe-chan" (マベちゃん), and is a former member of the Red Pirates. He arrives on earth in a ship similar to a Zangyack warship called the Free Joker (フリージョーカー, Furī Jōkā). Basco also has a set of Ranger Keys which he uses in a trumpet-like device to summon past Sentai heroes, particularly the sixth members of the previous Sentai groups.

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  1. I thought he was a woman because of his face. Recently I found out he's a guy. LOL
    Blue blood? :O