Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Returning Super Sentai Actors

A number of former Super Sentai actors have been announced to appear in the upcoming Gokaiger vs Goseiger movie. Here are images of the actors and the roles they are returning to. (All of these images have been added to their respective galleries. You can find them by clicking on the character's name)

From GoRanger
Aka Ranger, played by Makoto Naoya (誠 直也)

From J.A.K.Q.
Big One, played by Miyauchi Hiroshi (宮内 洋)

From Dekaranger
DekaPink, played by Kikuchi Mika (菊地 美香)

From Denziman
Denzi Blue, played by Ohba Kenji (大葉 健二)

From Goggle V
Goggle Black, played by Haruta Jyunichi (春田 純一)

From Dynaman
Dyna Pink, played by Hagiwara Sayoko (萩原 佐代子)

From Bioman
Red One, played by Sakamoto Ryosuke (坂元 亮介)

From Dairanger
RyuuRanger, played by Wada Keiichi (和田 圭市)

From Turboranger
Red Turbo, played by Satou Kenta (佐藤 健太)


  1. I notice that Shiro Gou's picture is the only one that isn't really a mirror image, as both his and Red One's hands are in the same position (that is, right fist in the left palm).