Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gokaiger: Freaky Friday

A villain uses his unique powers to switch the minds of Don Dogoier (GokaiGreen), with that of Luka Millfy (GokaiYellow). Hijinks ensue.

This kind of an episode always puts me at a disadvantage. If nobody has noticed by now, I try to keep things organized on this blog. So when something like this comes along - where one character is really another character -- it just wrecks havoc with the categories I've put in place. To simplify matters, I'm just going to put the images for whoever's body is who's in their respective galleries. (i.e. Luka inside Don's body will be placed in Don's gallery, and visa-versa.)

Whatever gripes I have with this concerning my organization - this looks like it's going to be a really funny episode. Don and Luka have very different and unique personalities, with traits and facial reactions that they have built up over the course of the series, so it should be fun seeing the actors playing as each other's characters. (BTW, is it just me, of does Luka's redesign of Don's hair make him look like Philip from Kamen Rider W?)

GokaiYellow (with the mind of GokaiGreen)
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GokaiGreen (with the mind of GokaiYellow)
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Gokaiger Group Images
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Previous Sentai Powers
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Gokaiger Robots
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  1. How many body-switching episodes has Sentai done. The only one I remember was one where Blue Turbo in Turboranger switched bodies with an unlikeable nerd who wanted to be popular with the ladies.

  2. I have been wondering where do you get these images from? If you do them yourself or you get them from a source Im wondering if there are any pics like this for rider series?

  3. This will help me a lot, because I am doing Fourze episode reviews so I need actual images from each episode, thanks