Monday, August 22, 2011

Return of Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger! Part 1

Super Sentai series each year usually amount to just under 50 episodes; so reaching the mid-way point is usually treated as something special. For episodes 25 and 26 of Gokaiger, a series regularly revisiting and using the history of Super Sentai -- getting the full group of characters together is pretty cool. All three of the original actors in Hurricanger returned to reprise their roles. Not only that, but unlike previous returning characters, this group did not sit on the side-lines - but regained their powers, and joined the Gokaiger group in battle.

I was able to get a lot of images from episode 26, so I'll be back later with more screenshots.

BTW, even though some of these group images only show characters from Hurricanger, I'm going to be putting them in the "Gokaiger Group Images" page. Same goes for the Hurricangers in costume (since it's not the Gokaiger using their powers), so those images will not be placed in the "Previous Sentai Powers" Section.

Gokaiger Group Images
You can find these images added here: Gokaiger Group Images

Gokaiger Robots
You can find these images added here: Gokaiger Robots

Action Commander
You can find these images added here: Gokaiger Monsters

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