Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Super Sentai Music Has Arrived!

Back in March Toei announced and released a collection of Super Sentai Songs on iTunes, giving foreign fans a long dreamed of chance to easily and accessibly buy Super Sentai Music without having to order CDs from Japan, or steal them online.

The main theme songs from Boukenger to the current series Gokaiger where released. At only $1 a piece, it was a great deal. It was announced also that more Super Sentai songs would be on the way - possibly the main and ending themes of every series. When they would come out was a mystery - but Mid April was the planned time for when all the songs would be made available.

Well, the first batch of songs came out on time in March. Then, I think literally a week later, massive Earthquakes hit Japan, with thousands dead - and damaged Nuclear Reactors still remaining a constant problem to this day. The music I was expecting... it didn't seem to be happening any more, and with good reason. It's hard for me to talk about the subject of the disaster, let alone in reference to such a trivial thing like music.

Anyway, despite all that, I kept checking iTunes every once in a while to see if any new music was released. April came and went, and I sort began accepting that the whole deal might have been scarped.

Anyway, I checked iTunes again today - just out of curiosity - and was delighted to see 7 volumes of Super Sentai Music available for purchase. Every single opening and the main closing themes of the series have been released.

Anyway - I'd urge everyone to go out and buy the music. Just type in "Super Sentai" - and it should take you to the music.

At only $1, the songs are a great deal - but with 7 volumes it does add up quickly. I'd suggest buying the songs you really like, and come back for the other songs later. (I got volumes 3, 5, and 7. The rest I'll have to get in the coming months ahead.)

Again, I feel the need to note that there are some generic re-creations of the songs that you'll want to avoid -- the legitimate stuff is titled "Super Sentai Series Theme Songs Collection Vol 1 through 7, and sold by NIPPONOPHONE.

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  1. Not every Ending was released, here's what's missing:
    -DekaRanger (Girls in Trouble)
    -Go-Onger (Engine Laps 2-Final)
    -Goseiger (2nd Ending)