Sunday, September 4, 2011

Black Condor Returns

Wakamatsu Toshihide (若松 俊秀) returns to reprise his role as Gai Yuki, aka Black Condor from the series Jetman. Gai Yuki is a famous example of a Super Sentai character dying. Except he didn't die during battle, and it took place in the finale scenes of the last episode; so it doesn't immediately rank as high for notable Ranger deaths. It also probably didn't help that it felt like he shouldn't have died to begin with. He was stabbed while trying to apprehend a mugger, right on day of his friends getting married. He managed to go to the wedding, but later died. It was really a rather pointless death - perhaps added to the finale as a way to make it more dramatic. That's just my opinion and observation, though; it can be debated if killing him was handled well or not.

Still, today Gai Yuki gets another chance at life - meeting and helping Gokaiger in this latest episode. While in the first episode of Gokaiger, when showing scenes of the Legendary War (where every single Ranger in history fought against the Zangyack) there was a bit of glossing over all the dead Rangers who where seen fighting. As way of explanation, I suppose, their spirits revived for one last battle, or some such nonsense explanation; it really doesn't matter - you don't want to see favorite characters being excluded just because of a little thing like death. There where also no double-characters (where one character died, and another took their place), either, I might add; so just for a sense consistency all of that is glossed over. This is a celebration of the history of Super Sentai - not a history lesson.

The isn't the first time, though, that we've seen famously dead Rangers. AbareKiller, DragonRanger, and TimeFire appeared in a dream and gave Ikari Gai the powers of GokaiSilver; yet the dream-appearance clearly set them apart from other Legacy guest appearances. So seeing Black Condor return to action, even though dead, is something to take notice of.

I added a profile for the bounty hunter appearing in this episode: Kiaido. There are also some group images farther below of Gokaiger with the new Kamen Rider Fourze.

Black Condor
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