Monday, September 26, 2011

OHRanger Returns - Olé!

This week's episode of Gokaiger features the return of two actors from the series Chouriki Sentai OHRanger. To warn you, there are Spoilers if you see the images down below.

Chouriki Sentai OHRanger has a somewhat interesting past. This series was originally going to be an anniversary series, and several original Super Sentai writers where coming back to write for the series again. The series was going to feature a much darker theme, but because of the Terrorist Sarin Gas Attacks on the Tokyo Subway system, the series received a somewhat unenviable alteration, removing violence and destruction, and scaling the series back to something less darker and more child-friendly. So that may be why I think the series had the somewhat incompatible presence of a military organization, next to the what could have been much more scarier and serious robot invasion from space. I can't speak for how it's regarded in Japan, but I've heard it was one of the less popular Sentai series. Which seems like a real shame - as it looks like it had a lot of potential.

For Americans who are more similar with Power Rangers, you might notice that the costumes and footage from this series was used for Power Rangers Zeo (where Power Rangers finally ditched the attempt to hold onto the Dinosaur costumes of Zyuranger.)

Of the images I got for this week, there's a Liveman image you can find all the way down at the bottom of the post. Also, there was a screenshot of GokaiSilver in his cockpit, but complete on it's side. (I assume it's during a battle, with different angles showing damage to the robot) I rotated it, and I thought it showed a rather nice larger-scale view of the cockpit.

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Gokaiger Group Images
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Previous Sentai Powers
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Basco ta Jolokia
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Yellow Lion
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  1. Awesome pics as always dude. =D

    Ohranger WAS credited as being the 20th anniversary (proof being the movie). Since it was 20 years after Goranger.

    Yeah, Ohranger was toned down and the invasion plots it started with were sadly dropped. So yeah, the story isn't great. But a lot of Ohranger's eps are still great and a lot of fun to watch. Ohranger's biggest praise from fans is the cast of characters. So yeah, Ohranger was met with mixed reception amongst fans, but had a very popular cast. And Ohranger has the highest toy sales in sentai to date.