Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dairanger Returns!

Dairanger was a fantastic Super Sentai series - focusing on Chinese Mythology and martial arts. It's also a notable series - as you might recognize the robots and White Ranger - both elements used in the second season of Power Rangers -- but largely all other footage from that series was ignored, in favor of keeping the original Dinosaur themed costumes from Zyuranger. (They had a smash-hit on their hands, and understandably didn't want to undermine what they had started, by changing too much all at once.) The footage of KibaRanger, as the White Ranger, is especially interesting - because that character was conceived as being a 9-year old boy who, when he transformed had the body of an adult. So much of the footage of Dairanger simply wasn't used because of that - which is shame, because it's an incredible looking series. Dark over tones and a deep plot made the series well regarded by fans after all these years.

Anyway, this week's episode of Gokaiger sees the return of the original actor who played Ryou, aka RyuuRanger. (It basically translates as "Dragon Ranger") I believe he appeared in the Gokaiger 199 movie - but he returns again for this episode honoring Dairanger.

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Gokaiger Group Image
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Previous Sentai Powers
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