Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ranger Villain Profile: Gokaiger Disruption Officer Chirakashizky

Disruption Officer Chirakashizky (保蛮官チラカシズキー Hobankan Chirakashizukī): Babatcheed's right hand man who joined the Gaiark as a non-Machine World member. Reflecting Gunman World in his design, Chirakashizky is armed with various firearms and built in missile launchers. Overseeing the conquest of Gunman World, Chirakashizky easily defeats the Engines before the Gokaigers arrive. After an attempt to kill off Captain Marvelous in a showdown goes awry, Chirakashizky is defeated by a Gokai Legendream/Rising Strike combo and then destroyed by Hurricane Gokaioh.

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