Saturday, November 26, 2011

Timeranger - Back to 2010!

Warning: There are some spoilers in this post. Don't scroll down if you wish to avoid them. (Here are some Timeranger images to make some Spoiler space.)

During the Shinkenger vs Goseiger movie - fans got a sneak peak of the new Super Sentai Team: Gokaiger! It was a short, off to the side appearance in the middle of the film - which has been done before (Goseiger doing the very same in the Go-Onger vs Shinkenger movie), but this time their appearance is made more continuity-based.

Domon, aka TimeYellow, travels from the far distant future to tell the Gokaiger that they need to go back in time, to the events of Shinkenger vs Goseiger. So their appearance, which use to a continuity-free preview, is now weaved into the official cannon. If you've ever seen certain Kamen Rider movies - you'd know that continuity is not always guaranteed in Super Hero Tokusatsu films. (Or, in a more egregious example, for the Kamen Rider Kiva movie, continuity was completely tossed out.) They have gotten much better in recent years, though.

The episode, of course, goes further than that. I believe the events of the Shinkenger vs Goseiger took place during the Yuumajuu phase of the series. The Goseiger hadn't yet encountered the robotic Matrintis Empire. So the appearance of Metal Alice with the Matrintis' first monster robot, to fight the Gokaiger, lined up with the timeline continuity as well.

Anyway, without further ado - here are the images I was able to get for that episode.

You can find these images added here: TimeYellow Profile

You can find these images added here: GokaiSilver Profile

Previous Sentai Powers
You can find these images added here: Previous Sentai Powers

Gokaiger Group Images
You can find these images added here: Gokaiger Group Images

Metal Alice
You can find these images added here: Metal Alice Profile

You can find these images added here: Goseiger Monsters

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