Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gokaiger: Previous Sentai Powers Page 2

Here are more images of the various Super Sentai Powers used in the Gokaiger series.


  1. In Dynaman, when the Dynamen do their pose, Dyna Pink usually stands next to Dyna Blue on his right, while Dyna Yellow stands next to Dyna Black on his left. In Goggle V, on the other hand, while Goggle Red stands in the middle (just like Dyna Red stands in the middle during the Dynaman pose), to his left stands Goggle Blue and to HIS left stands Goggle Pink. To Goggle Red's right stands Goggle Black (played by Jun'ichi Haruta who also played Dyna Black), while to HIS right stands Goggle Yellow

  2. Which episode is that with red ranger with dragon dagger? :O

    1. Episode 50, second to last episode. GokaiRed merged with GokaiSilver's DragonRanger form, taking on the Dragon Shield Armor - for a spectacular finish for one of the enemy generals.