Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ranger Villain Profile: Gokaiger Emperor Akudosu Gil

Emperor Akudosu Gil (皇帝アクドス・ギル Kōtei Akudosu Giru) is the leader of the Zangyack Empire and the father of Waruzu Gil, sending him to lead the second invasion force when the first was destroyed by the Super Sentai teams. However, though the Super Sentai teams were no longer a threat by then, Akudosu sent Damarasu to oversee his son's actions out of a lack of confidence in his son's abilities. Eventually, Akudosu sends two of his Dogormin to deliver the Great Waruzu for the Gigant Horse crew to use so that the invasion gets back on track. However, when news of Waruzu's death reaches him, Akudosu arrives to the Gigant Horse with his Imperial fleet to assume full command of the invasion while making examples out of both the Gokaigers for their crime and Damarasu for his failure to protect Waruzu.

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