Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ranger Villain Profile: Magiranger Hades Wise God Dagon

Hades Wise God Dagon (冥賢神ダゴン, Meifukenshin Dagon) (35-49): Dagon was the seemingly-invincible leader of the Hades Gods and the most powerful (although he is only in the middle class Wisdom God tier, in which he is the only male member) who uses a trident called Samukama as a weapon. His head looks like an actual fish. Dagon trusts no one except for himself and N Ma, caring only about serving N Ma, and furthering his master's goals, and nothing else, not even the well-being of his fellow Hades Gods. He was the one who killed Ifrit for continuing to fight the Magirangers after the flame he lit was spent in Stage 36. Dagon also faced Wolzard's spirit in Stage 40, when Wolzard confronted him at a lake in his own Marudeyouna World. In Stage 42, he sent Sleipnir to draw out Wolzard and had Vancuria plant one of his fish scales on Wolzard during the battle to track him. In Stage 43, after Nai & Mea successfully located where Wolzard was hiding, he, along with Wyvern and Titan, went to ambush Wolzard. He was angered by the fact that N Ma's soul was contained in Wolzard's body and took personal pleasure in extracting N Ma's soul from him, as well as seemingly killing Blagel, when he created a crack in the Earth below him, which caused him to plummet to the fiery depths below. He also gave another of his scales to communicate with Vancuria, so that he had information on the situation with Wyvern and Titan, as well as giving Vancuria orders to make sure "that fool won't screw it up" despite praising Wyvern's talents. He ambushed and killed Titan so that N Ma could be reborn in Titan's body. With Sleipnir's help, Dagon slew Sphinx when she abandoned her Divine Punishment. Dagon was confronted by MagiMother in the finale while Sleipnir faced the other Rangers, and fought her until the Rangers intervened. He attempted to blast Urara with an energy ball, but Smoky intervened and took the hit for Urara, killing him. He then teleported himself and MagiMother to the Infershia lair, where he would enlighten Miyuki of despair. Dagon was surprised as well as infuriated when Sphinx arrived, alive and well. Dagon was also angered by the fact that Vancuria defied him by resurrecting Sphinx and siding with her. Even though Sphinx offered him a chance to change his ways, Dagon refused and tried to strike her down again, as Dagon only desired the power of darkness and the perfect nightmare, but Sphinx shot and killed Dagon with her bazooka. As he died, he was left wondering whether or not the power of darkness was truly absolute as he originally thought.

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