Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gokaiger Episode 46

Last episode Kakuranger ally NinjaMan visited the pirate crew; since that episode was actually a clipshow, this episode might be considered the official Kakuranger/Gokaiger episode. (Though I thought NinjaWhite was going to appear. I guess her appearance at the tail end of episode 45 was all there was.)

Just to make sure nobody missed anything, here are the Ranger Profiles and Image Galleries I've added recently. (Mainly the Go-Busters, the new right-hand man of Zangyack Emperor Akudosu Gil, and crossover guest of Gokaiger Space Sheriff Gaven.)
- Blue Buster (No good images yet. Just preparing.)

There is one other thing I wanted to mention. It took me a while - but I finally bought all 7 Super Sentai Music Soundtracks, available on iTunes. If you want to show you're support for Super Sentai and other Tokusatsu properties legally brought over to America, then maybe you can buy some of the songs too. Even though they only cost a $1 -- the 7 Volumes, with 10 songs each, adds up -- so I had to buy only a few volumes at a time. The earlier Super Sentai music is campy, but cool, ranging coming from the 70s and 80s -- but for modern tunes, volumes 5, 6 and 7 are you're best bet. Super Sentai regularly produces some of the best J-Pop.

Speaking of music, I also wanted to mention that the Zenkyokushu (Final CD Compilation) of Gokaiger Music is available for pre-order on CDJapan, Gokaiger Zenkyokushu Kanzen Otakara Sound Box.

It has the tag-line "Best Otakara Song Box" - which if anyone can tell me -- is this the CD that's going to have the regular versions of all the songs (with singing. Not just background music.) The work "Zenkyokushu" usually is an indication it's a collection of the singing songs. The Otakara Song Box usually means it's just background music. Does it contain both? (They sometimes include karaoke versions alongside the regular versions of the songs.) Is anyone able to clear this up for me?

Anyway, sorry for talking so much! Without further ado, here are the images. An image for Space Sheriff Gaven, and Fiveman's Five Red are down at the bottom. Enjoy!

You can find these images added here: NinjaMan Profile

You can find these images added here: GokaiRed Profile

You can find these images added here: GokaiPink Profile

You can find these images added here: GokaiSilver Profile

Gokaiger Group Images
You can find these images added here: Gokaiger Group Images

Previous Sentai Powers
You can find these images added here: Previous Sentai Powers

Action Commander
You can find this image added here: Gokaiger Monsters

Space Sheriff Gaven
You can find this image added here: Space Sheriff Gaven Profile


Five Red
You can find this image added here: Five Red Profile

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  1. I wish ninjaman can combine with the Gokaiger zords