Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gokaiger Zenkyokushu

I was just able to make a pre-order for the Gokaiger Zenkyokushu (Final CD Compilation) on Play-Asia.com. I absolutely LOVE the music of Super Sentai, and getting the final collected volume is always a trill for me. (Mostly because I try and wait until the final CD is released, to save on money.)

Anyway - I just wanted to point out that Play-Asia has it available for pre-order now: here.

CDJapan also has a pre-order page also: here.

For me, Play-Asia is usually my first choice of where to buy music CDs. I was able to pre-order the CD for a total of about $45, versus 4000 Yen, around $52 at CDJapan. (I don't think there is any fancy shipping with either of them unless you pay extra.) Play-Asia was late, though, with putting up the pre-order -- something that happened last year when the Goseiger Zenkyokushu CD was released. I emailed them and they where able to get the Gokaiger pre-order page up!

I also wanted to mention - I was a little nervous about the extra line they have listed on the item: "Kanzen Otakara Sound Box". I don't want to mistakenly buy a compilation of karaoke versions of all the songs. I asked about it, and it's apparently just another name. I just don't want to be making any mistakes about it ^_^. Sometimes the CDJapan page will feature audio samples (to avoid such a mistake). Maybe they'll have audio samples later.

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