Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Google Malware Warning Removed!

I've really never encountered hacking or cyber attacks, so when earlier this month I by chance found one of my blog entries slapped with a Google Malware Warning - I was worried. The analysis Google did didn't list my blog as suspicious - but rather a link I had on my Blog list. I believe they where the ones struck with malware, and my site ended up being an unfortunate intermediary.

Anyway, one post suddenly became several. Battle Fever J, Timeranger, and Geki Yellow being pages I found effected.

It took some doing, but I was finally able to figure out Google's Web Tools verification process. (On my older version of the Dashboard, I found my site already signed up and verified under "Webtools", located at the bottom of the Dashboard page. It wasn't exactly standing out.)

Anyway, with the egregious link expelled - a site review gave my blog a clean bill of health - with the Malware Warnings removed.

I suspect this was more troublesome for me than anyone else - but if you where affected by this, I apologize.

I have taken some steps to help prevent something like this happening again, or at least trying to reduce the chance malicious code could be put on my site through the comments section. I really don't like making a comment more cumbersome than it has to be - but I've activated the Comment Approval option. I'm not online all the time, or next to my email often, so if you leave a comment it might not be approved (and made visible) for a day or so.

Ahem... I guess that's all. I just wanted to keep people informed.

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