Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fiveman, Flashman, Changeman, Maskman and Sun Vulcan Return!

When Gokaiger began featuring returning actors, from previous Super Sentai series, it was obvious that they where not going to be able to do episodes dedicated to every single former series. Age and availability, I'd imagine, being the most obvious factors. The majority of Legacy-themed episodes have usually been from more recent series. They have made a valiant effort, though, in honoring the series they couldn't do in a more specific fashion. The Gokaiger vs Goseiger movie, for example, featured many older Super Sentai actors - but most of them only appeared at the end in a white-light vision sequence. Don't get me wrong - their brief contribution was very appreciated, especially since I understood that getting them in to reprise roles most of them did over two decades ago might have been very hard.

It seemed like some of the series where simply not going to be fulfilled at all, when Basco began successfully gathering the Grand Powers of Maskman, Changeman, Fiveman, and others. I just assumed that those series, being acquired by Basco, meant no actors where able to be brought in to represent those series. Turns out I was wrong!

This week's episode had another brief, but meaningful, white vision sequence from some of the remaining series yet to be represented. With two episodes left after this, I'm beginning to think every series is going to be represented by a returning actor. After these five, what's left? Zyuranger! (The series that had it's footage and costumes used for the original Power Rangers)

Anyway, without further adieu...

Five Yellow
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Green Flash
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Blue Mask
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Change Griffin
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Vul Eagle
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Gokaiger Group Image
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  1. Mammoth ranger, akaranger, magi red's girlfriend, nozomu's father Will be in next week épisode. Go Green and maybe BlueTurbo and go-on silver too.

  2. All the screencaps in Gokaiger 49, preview 50 and Go-Busters Promo 3. Download it here: