Sunday, February 26, 2012

Go-Busters Profiles and Images

I just had quite a few posts in a short period of time - so to make it easier for you to check out the new content, I've provided links to all the new character profiles. You can find the first bunch of screenshots from Go-Busters Episode 1 here: Go-Busters has Arrived!

Just to make a note of it - the page for robot images is empty right now. I didn't realize at the time that the robots haven't combined yet; and since the main robot they are relying on, Go-Buster Ace, belongs to Red Buster - that means images of Ace will be found in Red Buster's profile.

Here are just a few more images I'm adding as well. I was able to get screenshots from the opening from of all places - Youtube! I put it in HD mode (or at least the highest resolution), and was able to get some pretty decent quality images of the cool data-stream effect the series had! I hope you enjoy!

Red Buster
You can find this image added here: Red Buster Profile

Yellow Buster
You can find this image added here: Yellow Buster Profile

Blue Buster
You can find this image added here: Blue Buster Profile

Go-Buster Group Images
You can find this image added here: Go-Buster Group Images


  1. More Go-Busters screen caps. Will do caps of Sun Vulcan soon.

    1. Here are the Sun Vulcan Ep 1 caps as promised.