Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gokaiger The Greatest Treasure in the Universe Part 1

The regular Japanese forum that usually posts screen shots for new Super Sentai episodes where largely MIA again, but UkiyaSeed, of Orends: Range, once again came to the rescue with some great screen shots.

Also, later, I'll post images for the second to last episode of Gokaiger (That Japanese forum where back to regular business this week). The appearance of MammothRanger is very cool - and we do indeed get to see TyrannoRanger, with Burai's shield, in action!

Anyway, as for this episode - having finally collected all 34 Grand Powers from the various Previous Sentai teams - the Gokaiger are ready to obtain the Greatest Treasure in the Universe. (I think a metaphor for life, or something, is waiting for them. Boy are they going to be disappointed if that's the case.)

Since there are a lot of images here, I'm splitting the post up. I'll be back also with images of the main characters in this episode.

So anyway - here are the images. I'd also like to add that I put up pages for Go-Busters, of Blue Buster (though only his vehicle), and the Go-Buster Robots. At the bottom of this post is also a new image for Red Buster.

You can find these images added here: Gokaiger Robots

Previous Sentai Powers
You can find these images added here: Previous Sentai Powers Page 2

Emperor Akudosu Gil
You can find these images added here: Emperor Akudosu Gil

You can find these images added here: Insarn Profile

Red Buster
You can find this image added here: Red Buster Profile

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