Tuesday, February 14, 2012

MammothRanger - Zyuranger Returns

I was beginning to think we weren't going to see an episode of Gokaiger honoring Zyuranger. Second to last episode, it seems like they saved the best for last. Zyuranger, for anyone who doesn't know, is the series that had it's costumes and footage appropriated for the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Zyuranger dealt with a lot of mythology and fairy tales. The main characters where warriors from prehistoric times, awakened from suspended animation into the modern age. They all represented various tribes - based on various dinosaurs. The robots that they command aren't simply machines - but are the gods of their tribes. They where kept asleep all these centuries for if the evil Witch Bandora ever awakened.

The most exciting element of Zyuranger was of course the inclusion of a six Ranger. While we saw this on American TVs, and saw it repeated series after series -- Zyuranger was unique in being the first series to make a 6th Ranger a part of the cast. Burai, also, did not arrive as a friend at first. When he was first awakened, he arrogantly announced himself as the Prince of the Yamato Tribe; which was shocking because Geki, the TyrannoRanger (Red Ranger), was suppose to be the Prince of the Yamato Tribe. Burai is in fact the ousted older brother of Geki, - there was a royal struggle at the root of this - but suffice to say Burai wanted revenge against his brother. After trying to kill each other they eventually made peace and joined together with one another.

I obviously only saw the Green Ranger through Power Rangers - but it was very exciting to see a new Ranger added to the series. Burai's tenure on Zyuranger, though, would not last -- as his arrival in the modern age came marked with an expiration date. Not only did Zyuranger give us the first 6th Ranger added to a Super Sentai team -- but they where also the first to kill one off. Burai famously died in the series; but before passing away, he bestowed his armor and Dragon Caesar to his younger brother.

So, in this episode of Gokaiger - not only do we see the original actor reprise their role as MammothRanger, to represent the team -- but we get to see the GokaiRed utilize the TyrannoRanger key along with the armor of from DragonRanger.

Oh, and before I forget to mention this - I've decided to start a new page for Gokaiger Group Images. (I know it's a bit late. But images will continue to come in with the movies and specials later on.) It can be found here.

Anyway - here are the images. Enjoy!

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