Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ranger Ally Profile: Magiranger Yuka Yamazaki

Yuka Yamazaki (山崎 由佳, Yamazaki Yuka) The manager of Kai's high school soccer team. He developed a strong crush on her, though she fell in love with MagiRed, unaware that he's Kai. In the movie, King Glum do Bridon kidnapped and attempted to marry her in order to bring his Hades Beastman Berserker army into the human world. He used the Puppet's Ring to gather the souls of humans in order to make her fall in love with him but before they were to be properly wed, however, Kai, as MagiRed, burst in and performed a powerful spell that broke the power of the ring she was wearing, and at the moment that they embraced, Yuka knew that Kai and MagiRed were one and the same. On the last episode of Magirangers, she cheered on the Magirangers with the rest of the city to defeat N Ma. It is unknown what happened between her and Kai thereafter, as he had become the Surface World and Magitopia's ambassador to Infershia after the defeat of N Ma, but it is strongly believed that they got together.

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