Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gattai Focus: Go-Busters, LT-06 Tategami Lioh

LT-06 Tategami Lioh (LT-06タテガミライオー Eru Tī Zero Sikkusu Tategami Raiō) Is a "Buddyzord" (バディゾード Badizōdo) created by Dr. Saburo Hazuki, a man formerly employed at the Energy Management Center whose research laid the foundation for the Buster Machines. Its system is a fusion between a Buddyloid and a Megazord. It possesses a certain amount of artificial intelligence, and can fight without a pilot. It switches between three modes.
  • In its Buddy Animal mode, it takes the form of a lion that can holds its own in combat even against enemy Megazords. Armed not only with powerful teeth and claws, it can fire an energy beam from its mouth when its mane rotates at high speed. Go-Buster Ace can also ride on its back in this form, allowing them to battle as one.
  • In its Buddy Vehicle mode, it takes the form of a 3-wheeled motorcycle, or a "trike", allowing it to travel over any terrain. With Go-Buster Ace riding it, it is armed with a powerful energy cannon called the "Lionser Gun" (ライオンサーガン Raionsā Gan) that Go-Buster Ace can use in attacks against enemy Megazords.
  • Its final form is its Buddyzord mode, it takes a form similar to a Megazord, and it wields the Lionser Gun in a spear mode, while its Buddy Animal form head becomes the "Tategami Shield" (タテガミシールゾ Tatagami Shīruzo) that it uses to block attacks and fire a beam from the mouth. Its finishing attack is the Lio Impact (ライオインパクト Raio Inpakuto).
The "LT" in the Buddyzord's name stands for "Lion Trike".

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