Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ranger Villain Profile: Go-Busters Escape

Escape (エスケイプ Esukeipu) is a female Avatar serving Messiah, whom she refers to as "Papa", created to replace Enter, who loses favor with Messiah after failing several times to create human suffering. Her weapons of choice are her twin machine pistols with dog-headed charms Gog and Magog (ゴク&マゴク Goku to Magoku), reflecting Hiromu's mother being one of the scientists that Escape was designed after. She also carries a tablet on her person to create Metaloids with, using Metavirus card "apps" instead of physical cards. Escape's main objective is to cause human suffering, insisting that Enter should just stick to transporting Megazords and siphoning Enetron. Unlike Enter, who is more reserved and cautious in his endeavors, Escape is a strong woman who delights in fighting strong opponents and actively fights the Go-Busters simply for pleasure rather than objective, finding an ideal opponent in Blue Buster while under the influence of his Weakpoint. After Red Buster destroys Messiah while the others destroy Messiah Cell, an angry Escape fled and resurfaced after learning of Enter's plans for Messiah. Though she detested Enter's actions, Escape is forced to work under him when he threatened to delete her.

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