Friday, November 30, 2012

Goseiger Figures... Well, Sorta...

I recently got the newly released Power Ranger Mega Force figures -- the Megazord, and the three accompanying groups of headers. Tensou Sentai Goseiger was a fun and energetic show - and I really liked the giant robot and accompanying armaments. Even in it's full formation, Hyper Gosei Great, looks cool. I know it gets bulky, adding all the headers to the robot - but it sort of comes together for me, in a mosaic sort of way.

Anyway -- I always thought of getting those figures, but ordering from Japan was just out of my price range during that year. Near to two years later, and the American Adaptation for Goseiger is on its way. Already I can see how they are chopping up the original footage - Datas, the Goseiger's lovable robotic arcade unit, has been erased from Hyper Gosei Great's formation. Still, in that formation, Datas is placed in the back and primarily serves as a holder for the Headers. So, as far as being able to get a more affordable group of Gosei  figures - the American version doesn't seem quite so bad. I thought I'd give my thoughts and review on the toys.

Gosei Great

First things first -- the Megazord is actually titled "Gosei Great Megazord". Battle cards are included with all the toys - supposedly able to be used with an iphone app (which hasn't materialized yet. It's early, though). The main robot form is nicely designed, and though missing some of the nicer touches of the Japanese figures, like moving mouths, the Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger, Snake and Shark function well. All the robots are able to be rolled on the ground; even the separated from their bodies, the Headers all can likewise roll around as well. The snake, though - I should point out, does not twist and turn like the Japanese version; joined primarily move just to form the legs. The dragon comes with wings able to fold back - apparently a feature not available on the Japanese version. The dragon-head extends outwards as well. The head of Gosei Great, though, is quite different - popping off, instead of being hidden inside. I'm not positive - but I think that made the Japanese version's head a bit smaller - here it is quite proportional. The popped off head, in dragon mode, can be placed in the butt of the sword. The sword design is different from the Japanese version - but it really doesn't bother me at all. The only downside, to the change in the sword, is that it cannot be placed on Gosei Great's back when not in use. The figures all form together quite well, into Gosei Great! Header slots work very well, attaching and detaching with minimal effort, with mix and match options possible with every slot. Alone, Gosei Great is an excellent toy, and accurate enough to the Japanese show.


The biggest difference for the Headers, is that they are included on motorcycle-type contraptions. A poorly painted Power Ranger figure is provided, to drive said vehicle. I frankly don't care about the motorcycle, as its not from the Japanese show, and I highly doubt would actually make it into the Mega Force either. The motorcycles, though, are used to replace where Datas' upside down legs would be - providing additional slots for Headers. Its not show accurate - but it serves the purpose to form Hyper Gosei Great, sans Datas. Viewed from the front - there isn't really a huge visual difference. So for a cheaper version of Hyper Gosei Great, these figures work out pretty well. Here are details on the separate group of Headers

Landick Brothers

The Landick Headers are treated a bit differently coming over to America. For starters - there is minimal articulation (like mouths moving, ect). For the Landic Headers, the dinosaur mouth does open - and the beetle's pincers move back and forth. Placed onto Gosei Great by themselves, they appear just like in the Japanese series.

Seaick Brothers

The Seaick Headers feature the humorous Pirate Head, which my sister really liked. The fins of the manta ray fold back, like they should -- and the sword fish comes with rotating buzz-saws. My sister made a recommendation - take of the Skick birds, and put it on Gosei Great's shoulder - giving you a pirate with a parrot.

Skick Brothers

The Skick motorcycle acts as the main connector between the Land and Sea motorcycles - attaching on the back of Gosei Great, to give you the replacement for Datas' absence. It fits fine enough into the back -- but not nearly firm enough. For display purposes, it's fine -- but it will come off easily if moved a lot. Oh, and since the mouths don't open for the Sky Headers, making them inaccurate to the show.

The head-piece of Hyper Gosei Great fits onto the regular head well enough - though there's a lot of depth between the mouth and the front of the mask.

The biggest disappointment is the exclusion of the 15th Header - which belonged to Datas. I have the space blank for now. That piece is going to be released as a small-single header motorcycle -- but it seems annoying, to be asked to buy yet another item - especially for just the single dull-header.

I always thought of getting Datas' figure from Japan. Are the headers between Japanese and American versions compatible? (at least then I'd get a Datas figure, when getting the 15th Header)

For a relatively lower-cost version of these toys, this isn't a bad avenue to choose. Though Goseiger is long over, I still find it exciting to get a little piece of the Japanese experience - even the watered down version made for America. My sisters' opinion of the thing, though - is that she thinks it looks like a transformer who walked through a radioactive swamp, and came out with 15 heads having grown on it. I thought that was a funny comment. Still, its a decent toy.

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