Monday, November 19, 2012

More Super Sentai Music on iTunes!

I was so excited and trilled when Super Sentai Music was officially released (legally released) to the American market place. The beginning and ending themes to every Super Sentai Series, from GoRanger to Gokaiger, was a massive amount of music, and was greatly appreciated. Though it will was lacking in other others throughout the various series. Go-Onger, for instance, had 3 to 4 different versions of their ending theme, in addition to themes for robots, 6th Rangers, ect.

While I would love to see iTunes available releases of the latest series Go-Busters, that hasn't seem to have happened yet. I am pleased to see, though, that Toei thought it worth releasing Background Music Tracks for GoRanger, Sun Vulcan, Denziman, and Google-V. I hope more BGM albums release. This might not be the full vocal music tracks we all love, but it's a good indicator to see Toei expanding on their initial iTunes releases. (I hope Kamen Rider will be brought to iTunes as well.)

Just search "Sentai" in iTunes, and it should bring you to all the official music. Look for NIPPONOPHONE in the company name, to know it's official, and not remixes by second parties.

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