Sunday, February 26, 2012

Go-Busters Profiles and Images

I just had quite a few posts in a short period of time - so to make it easier for you to check out the new content, I've provided links to all the new character profiles. You can find the first bunch of screenshots from Go-Busters Episode 1 here: Go-Busters has Arrived!

Just to make a note of it - the page for robot images is empty right now. I didn't realize at the time that the robots haven't combined yet; and since the main robot they are relying on, Go-Buster Ace, belongs to Red Buster - that means images of Ace will be found in Red Buster's profile.

Here are just a few more images I'm adding as well. I was able to get screenshots from the opening from of all places - Youtube! I put it in HD mode (or at least the highest resolution), and was able to get some pretty decent quality images of the cool data-stream effect the series had! I hope you enjoy!

Red Buster
You can find this image added here: Red Buster Profile

Yellow Buster
You can find this image added here: Yellow Buster Profile

Blue Buster
You can find this image added here: Blue Buster Profile

Go-Buster Group Images
You can find this image added here: Go-Buster Group Images

Ranger Ally Profile: Go-Busters Takeshi Kuroki

Takeshi Kuroki (黒木 タケシ Kuroki Takeshi) is the chief of the Special Mission Unit, leading the Go-Busters and several hundred other staff members.



Ranger Ally Profile: Go-Busters Miho Nakamura

Miho Nakamura (仲村 ミホ Nakamura Miho) is an operator for the Special Mission Unit. She is a recent hire in the Energy Management Center and does not know much about the Go-Busters.

Ranger Ally Profile: Go-Busters Tohru Morishita

Tohru Morishita (森下 トオル Morishita Tōru) is an operator for the Special Mission Unit. He is calm and coolheaded whenever he helps out the Go-Busters.

Ranger Ally Profile: Go-Busters Rika Sakurada

Rika Sakurada (桜田 リカ Sakurada Rika) is Hiromu's older sister. She does not approve of Hiromu being one of the Go-Busters, but she supports him, anyway.

Ranger Villain Profile: Go-Busters Messiah

Messiah (メサイア Mesaia) is an entity that formed from the Energy Management Center's main computer after it was infected by a computer virus thirteen years ago. It was sent into sub-space shortly after the incident, but it uses Enter to carry out its new assault on the city for a total take over of the Enetron.

Ranger Villain Profile: Go-Busters Enter

Enter (エンター Entā) is an android avatar of Messiah who can exist in the main space-time continuum. Enter conducts espionage tactics against the Energy Management Center to obtain Enetron, using it to bring Metalloids to life through his latop. Enter has also shown to be fluent in French.





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